Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ramblings on a Very Junk Food and Movie Kind of Day

Whew. It's hard getting an almost two year old to take a nap when there are so many things to do: Taking all the ornaments off the tree that he can reach and arranging them on the sofa. (With the exception of the glass balls that he rolled across the floor, I don't know how they survived, but they did!) Feeding the dog home-made blue play dough, (That he promptly and efficiently puked all over the floor, eeeew.) and parking all his vehicles in the kitchen like it's his very own garage and I don't have say, dinner to make or anything.

 It's the beginning of December, and I've got the Christmas cards ready to mail, most of the shopping done, and some prepping for birthdays done as well. This will be the first time in four years that cards get mailed out. My goal as of right this minute, is to have all the shopping done, and presents wrapped by Wednesday. Lofty goal to be sure, but you see, it's my daughter's 12th birhtday on the 7th, and my son's 2nd birthday on the 8th. We have lots to do, and a lot of people coming over. I am always so stressed out by the time their birthdays and Christmas comes that I am reduced to tears most days, and grouchy as _____ the others. I vowed not to do that to myself this year. Pre-planning should go a long way in that!

I have a craft show going on right this very minute, and although I wanted to go, a tummy bug kept me home. It wasn't a show that I needed to be there for, but I sure wanted to. There were these wonderful cake plates... *sigh* Maybe if I'm super sweet she'll make me one since I'm sure they are sold out. I found out that my three appliqued windows have sold, and I am So. Happy. I don't have to cart those back home again! If nothing else sold I'm ok with that! Hopefully there is an art/craft show in your future? I would love to see people support our local crafters this (and every!) year.

I have been working, a bit slowly with everything else, on patterns. I now have three ready for printing. Just waiting on some feedback, then it's a website/Facebook/Twitter launch. So excited, I feel like a racehorse sitting behind the gates. With the patterns I'll also be debuting a couple embroidery patterns, and some nice prototypes. Would have loved to have gotten everything ready to launch by November. Slow and sure wins the race though, right?

It's a gloomy cold day today, so I'm going to make myself a hot cocoa and watch Up with the kiddos. Enjoy your day!

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