About Me

Hmm, this is where I write a bit about myself, and try to make myself sound utterly and completely fabulous. Hmm... Okay, well, how about I tell you how much I love my life, my family, and what I do? Of course I think all of it is fabulous!

I am a mother of three, two girls, 14 and 12, and one crackerjack boy, 2. Not a typo there, yes, there really is ten years between our two youngest. The girls adore their brother, and truly I cannot imagine life without him. He was a surprise. Not the "Yay I won five dollars on Lotto!", more like the "OMG." variety. One day you have a thriving bakery, happily working a lot of hours, making crazy cakes, saving for college and vacations, and the next you're looking at a stick with two lines, crying, repeating "This so wasn't in the plan" over and over. But life is mysterious, and we decided to end the bakery run, and focus on this new life we were creating. Not just the one inside me, but the whole deal. He is such a happy blessing. They say kids keep you young, what I can't figure out is why I'm not 30lbs. lighter with the chasing and pulling off counters and such.

A part of the new deal is my creating a new business from home, with a skill set that I learned at a very young age, and have cultivated ever since. Sewing and designing has always been a passion, along with cross stitch and embroidery. People used to tell me when I was young that I "had an old soul", and I certainly seemed to love all things stitchery related. It just makes me happy. I loved making people happy at the bakery, and now it's time for me to help people find their own joy in sewing and creating. (Lucky for me sewing and stitching has come back into style!)

I would love to say that I have a big fancy degree, but I do not. What I do have is passion and drive. I am a self-taught artist, baker, decorator, and designer. By saying self-taught, maybe I should say, self-learned, as I pay attention to anyone who has experience in any area of life I want to explore. I feel we all have so much to learn from each other, but also to teach. I started the bakery when my oldest was six. I wanted her to grow up knowing she could set her mind to anything, and accomplish it. Here I am today, doing it again!

I'll be sharing so much through this blog, and loving every minute of it. Thanks so much for joining me!

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