Saturday, October 29, 2011

On Loving Life and Other Stuff

Been away from my computer of late.  I had composed a beautiful blog piece on things we teach our children, and accidentally hit the "back space" twice. If your thinking I lost that post, you would be correct, and if you guessed I threw my coffee at the computer you *almost* would be correct there too. So I'll try to catch up with my life here in this one, and if you get bored, I totally get it and understand if you need to go do laundry or something.  Although I'd almost rather do anything before that!

I attended a beautiful funeral for an old friend, with my oldest daughter, as she knew him best.  I knew that he would be honored for his service in the military as well.  It was a very nice ceremony, with reminiscing and kind words for a man who spoke few words of his own, but showed such kindness and grace to all who knew him.  I tried to explain to her what a big deal this was.  A soldier marched towards the large screen with our friend's picture on it, and stood at salute, while Taps was played.  Surrounded by all of his family and friends, there wasn't a dry eye to be found.  My daughter was clearly a bit puzzled.  Even more so when another soldier marched up, and the American flag was unfolded, refolded, saluted, and then presented to our friend's widow.  I could sense she still didn't understand.  When we left I tried to again explain the importance of our government recognizing him for his service, that with his service in World War Two, that he helped us retain our freedoms.  That all of her grandfathers had served, and would be honored in the same way.  That they were willing to give up there lives, so that she, and all of us, would remain free.  She was very sober for quite a while, and I wondered why I hadn't ever discussed something like this with her before.  I take for granted that which was earned for us by others willing to die for it.

That same weekend we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and trekked up to one of our beautiful pumpkin patches.  There is a corn maze, a hay maze, cider, apples, horse rides, pie, and a personal favorite, pumpkin spice donuts.  The line is always long, but so worth the wait.  They are hot, cinnimony goodness!  Of course the oldest picked the biggest pumpkin she could find, the rule being that you have to be able to carry it yourself, at least to the cart!  I swear, it was 50 pounds, and I am totally not kidding about that. HUGE.  Our son chose a nice smallish one, and then another, he just kept putting more in the cart, it was so cute.  He narrowed it down to two though.  There is always a nice craft fair in the grange hall, and I picked out another Halloween decoration from one of my favorite crafters!  I took a lot of pictures, perfect weather is hard to come by, and so far our family pictures have had to be rescheduled due to rain.  They are scheduled for tomorrow, as is.... RAIN.  So we'll see.

I have been sick, and in addition to that, having heart "issues".  They run in our family.  I have had numerous doctor visits and tests, with more to come.  So far it isn't life threatening, (YAY!) but it does appear to be my new "abnormally normal" existence.  (Not yay, at all.  More like rather annoying if you will.)  It amazes me how much time and brain space I have allowed this to occupy.  It literally is on my mind, all the time.  It looks like I'll be adding exercise to my daily routine now as well, (and really, I DO need to commit to that) coupled with a heart healthy diet.  Maybe I'll lose some of that stubborn baby weight.  Although I truly don't think the fat is stubborn in this case, that would be me for not doing something about it earlier.  If you are looking at my picture on the sidebar and thinking to yourself, "she doesn't look like she needs to lose weight..." I'll be honest with you now.  That was before sweet little P came into our lives.  So exercising I will go.  I've already cut most caffeine out of my diet, and most sugar, so... hopefully the rest will be easy???

Although I haven't been blogging lately, I have been diligently working on patterns and products.  The Fritzi Teddy pattern is with some testers, as is the Reversible Commuter Bag.  Almost ready for testers is the patchy That Bag is Mine bag, and Happy Birthday Owlette pattern.  Also in the works but not ready for testing, is the Sweet Trio.  It's a parfait pin cushion, a cheesecake pin cushion/button holder, and a tea towel embroidery design.  Also up is Plushbot.  Not quite ready for testing.  The bags are already with the photographer, as are the teddies.  Trying as well to prepare for two craft shows I am doing.  I'll be selling the prototypes and gaging people's interest in certain things.  The first show is in a week, the next in a month.  Wish me luck!!

I missed my Modern Quilter's Night Out, and I was bummed.  I missed the friends, the wine, (not that I get to enjoy that much anymore) and oh did I mention my friends?  They are a terrific lot of happy, sewy, modern hip ladies.  And sometimes we talk with British accents.  That would be pre-wine by the way, so you see, we really are a fun group.  *Love* my gals, everyone needs friends like these.  :0)

Halloween is two days away, and my son absolutely positively REFUSES to wear his robot costume.  I didn't make it thank god, or I'd really be mad!  So instead he's getting a purple mohawk (pretested last night, at least he thinks this is ok) a skull t-shirt, and jeans with black sharpie "rock star" "cool" etc... written all over them.  It'll have to do. 

Thanks for sticking with me this far!!  I'm off to do some sewing while the family is away at Grandma's...

Enjoy your day! :0)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Parfait Pin Cushions

I could NOT resist the temptation to do something fun with these antique cordial glasses, and having a plethra of cute fabric scraps...  (Scraps that I hoard, love, frequently look at touch, yet rarely do anything with. ;0)  I wanted a "sweet shop" look,  (almost typed "sweat shop", that is another post entirely) and picked colors based on how they look in my fun new space. Here they are, and time willing I will post a quickie tutorial on these, they are soo easy!
Of course these are removable from the glassware, in case I feel the need to have a shot of cordial.  And because he's sweeter than these little pin cushions, here is a totally unnecessary yet absolutely adorable picture of P.  :0)

Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My New Happy Place

I am so excited to share my new space!  My sweet hubby helped me turn two doors into a desk, old apple crates into storage shelves, and randomly place cute knobs on all of it to hang projects in progress, take photos of those bags, etc...  The gorgeous quilt on the wall was a gift from a friend, and instead of a lamp purchase, I picked up these super cute chinese lanterns.  I have tons of antique crystal, so instead of keeping it in storage, it will help keep me organized by holding threads, bobbins, needles and floss! Out of the pictures is a huge armoire filled with my fabric.  Maybe someday I'll share.  Pictures that is, the other is unimaginable.  Oranges and blues, of course.

I promise to use my nice camera next time, by the way.  These turned out grainy, but you get the gist.  I'm off for some more sewing on (*sigh* another) doomy gloomy day. Enjoy the day!

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