Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hellloooo Sunshine!

I am sure you all have been busy starting your summer, as we have as well! We have celebrated 11 birthdays, seen a 6th grader "promote" to 7th, an 8th grader "move up" to 9th, the kick off of a good friend's bakery and cafe, softball, dance, and oh yeah, my website in a short couple of weeks! It's crazy, fun, hectic, and finally, (and I mean FINALLY, after months and months of rain) SUNSHINEY! There is so much to be thankful for!

Here are some more random pictures so you can see a bit of what I'm up to!

Seriously, like I have time to read. But I LOVE this magazine.
This vintage fabulousness will be painted in creamy white, with yellow inside and backed with grey fabric. Why? Why not? I'm sure the toddler will accent this lovely piece with a handprint or two like he did the last time I painted something. :0)

 Crates of fabrics that are getting packaged for the website, fat quarters, 1/2 yards, etc... of some great designer (Amy Butler, Anna Maria) fabrics. I hate to let them go, but hey, I must add to my stash. And Hawthorne Threads and I are buds. I spend tons of money, they give a discount and ship right away. It works!
A sneak peek at what is really just a small part of a truly fabulous embroidery pattern.

Had another great meeting with my designer, and we have added QR codes to the patterns. A *click* on your phone, and you are magically taken wherever we choose! Don't get your hopes up, it's not your local martini bar. It's...

More on that coming soon! Enjoy your day! ;0)


  1. gulp, you're getting rid of fabric, isnt that sacreligious or something? kidding.

    um where is your website? I must go there soon!

    1. Hahaha! Totally sacreligeous! But, I HAVE to make room for more, right? Website will be up soon, just finalizing details, there will be a BIG announcement here when it's up! It will be sweetbystefanieg.com when we launch, so excited!


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