Friday, February 8, 2013


I know what you are all thinking. Stefanie who? I have been absent for a while. I have nothing to offer as far as excuses go, just the usual family stuff. December and January are hugely busy months for our family. I believe that those two months will be my "Sit quietly and reflect on the year past and to come, and enjoy my family." sort of months. I hope everyone is okay with that. :)

I have struggled with creativity lately, with doomy gloomy weather, and some bothersome health issues. Nothing to go into tremendous detail about. Just... blah. I have worked in bits and pieces, but do have so many ideas I want to see to completion. I am not normally a person who has UFO's, but I confess. I have too many to count. Progress comes in many forms though, and I will get there.

I have had so many wonderful, terrific, perfectly lovely things happen in the last couple of months. I will try to share more in separate posts, but since this one is titled "Surprises", I guess I'll stick to that.

My husband threw me the swankiest, coolest, most awesome surprise party ever. The venue was perfect, with velvet chairs in my favorite color, silver vases filled with bright orange gerber daisies, a three tiered fondant covered cake of delicious flavors, foods of all shapes and sizes... *sigh* Loved every minute, but the overwhelming feeling of love and support from family and friends was the best. I cried. I am so blessed. Truly truly blessed.

The next big surprise for me came yesterday when I was with my sewing group. One of my friends said she had a hard time finding my blog. So another friend, without missing a beat, grabbed her IPad. She types in Sweet by Stefanie G, and voila! Something comes up, she shows it to me and, recognizing the logo, said, "See right here!" I did indeed recognize the site. But it was not my blog.

It was my website.

It even took me a moment to digest this new tidbit. Yes, the site is live. Yes, it is still the same disappointing site it was months ago. Part of it is my fault, the photography, the delay. BUT I did not launch this. I called the provider, and indeed, they said I hadn't launched, they didn't know how it became live, but it did, and now what to do? We have a plan of action now, and I guess nothing kicks you solidly into gear than a surprise like that. :-/

Speaking of surprises, if you are a customer and found that you could place items into a cart that went nowhere, I am so terribly sorry. Please email me and I promise to make it right.

If you are a wholesale house who thinks that the site isn't a best representation of me or my brand, you are correct. I haven't made too many mistakes, but this sure feels like a doosy. Honesty, there it is.

So there you have some new thoughts and surprises. It's time for some new photography, and much business catching up. But when you know it's time, it's definitely time. Somebody hit the "launch" button, and it wasn't me. I may not have been ready before, but it is time to pull my big girl panties on and get to work. I would call this a "Serendipitous" event. I will embrace it and make it good.

Enjoy your day!

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