Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Parfait Pin Cushions

I could NOT resist the temptation to do something fun with these antique cordial glasses, and having a plethra of cute fabric scraps...  (Scraps that I hoard, love, frequently look at touch, yet rarely do anything with. ;0)  I wanted a "sweet shop" look,  (almost typed "sweat shop", that is another post entirely) and picked colors based on how they look in my fun new space. Here they are, and time willing I will post a quickie tutorial on these, they are soo easy!
Of course these are removable from the glassware, in case I feel the need to have a shot of cordial.  And because he's sweeter than these little pin cushions, here is a totally unnecessary yet absolutely adorable picture of P.  :0)

Enjoy your day!

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