Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craft Show Update

Well, I completed a craft show the first weekend of November. To say that it was a resounding a success would be a stretch. The booth I was supposed to have, someone took, so I was placed in another. The good news was that it was another corner booth. The bad news is that it was at the back, and no one, and I mean NO ONE could find me. Either day.  I came home on Saturday quite deflated, and frankly, quite ready to have a hot drink and go to bed. Not fun. On Sunday I got up, and re-organized the whole booth. I made it hard for people to cut the corner and just walk by. This time they had to walk around a cute bench and two metal chairs with my products. It paid off. It didn't change, however, that my sister still had to call while at the show because she had walked by me. Twice. Ah well, sometimes that's just how it goes.

I did get really great feedback, though! It was great to hear the positive comments from people. I realized what will be hits, and what (one item, that'd be the windows with applique) would be misses. I know, KNOW, the bag patterns will be hits, as will the parfait pin cushion pattern, (it will a part of the "Sweet Trio") and that a late addition "Elphie the Christmas Mouse" should probably head to the printer as well. Good news! I also learned that my Tim Burtonesque dolls garner a lot of attention as well. People love them, I just think they are priced out of some budgets. It is a fun hobby of mine, but they take a ton of time and detail work, thinking about listing them on an art gallery site? Hmmmm, so much to do and think about.

 I treated myself to a really wonderful felted hat as well. I am such a felter wannabe. :0)

More to come...

Enjoy the day! :0)

Well the next show is in a couple weeks, and I don't feel pressured to add much to the list.

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  1. well speaking for me I loved your stuff and having you in the show!! My mouse is very happy in my craft room but she keeps telling me to clean it up! soon real soon, like after Custers I tell her....promise!! We will have to work on a great spot for you, because I want you back!


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