Friday, April 13, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Meet Fritzi. He is debuting in my half size patterns! This is a super easy pattern, wonderful for beginners. I wanted one that my younger daughter would feel confident making, and they turn out so cute. My friend made hers very scrappy, and I want to post a picture if she'll let me as another cute option! This is just one of the half size patterns I will be offering on the website!
A close up sneak peek at a baby elephant stuffie, she's a part of the Big Top Circus pack!
Another sneak peek, this is a part of the Owlette Set! (this is the "cheater applique" on the place mat/pillow)

My graphic designer has been working so hard, as have my testers. We are still on track for a website launch soon. I am thinking though that I am so excited, I may launch with less than the five I was going to! I have five in the works, by the way, Fritzi as a half size pattern, an embroidery design, (half size as well) and three full size. The three large patterns include the Reversible Commuter Bag, the Big Top Circus Set, and Big Eyed Owlette Set.

Also on the website I'll be offering sewn goodies, and fabric sets. (More of nicely packaged de-stashing) I am also in talks with a local company about helping me produce something else, that is a perfect compliment, and so sweet, but I'll share that and what it is when I know for sure we're going to do it!

So there's your sneak peek, I am off to enjoy the sunshine, and do some fabulous photography!

Enjoy your day!

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