Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twelve Boxes of Goodness!

Twelve boxes of pattern deliciousness arrived today! They are so lovely, and came at a great point for me. On the edge of despairing and lamenting that it seemed like light years away, I now hold them in my hands and couldn't be happier. There are five designs we will launch with, and each will include a little "Sweet Treat by Stefanie G.". Inside the pattern is a QR code that brings you here, where I will periodically post recipes and DIY's. I still have some things to learn about blogging, like how you can download some freebie PDF patterns!
The fabulous five...
Paisley Bouquet, an embroidery pattern that has multiple designs included, and multiple project instructions as well. The directions can be as basic as a simple back stitch outline, or a completely filled-in look. The point is that you get to "make it your own" no matter your skill level.
The Big Top Circus Set, one of my favorites! It includes a tight rope walking mouse, a baby elephant stuffie, and a big top pillow, who's flaps tie closed or open. Opened up it reveals a sweet little elephant applique.
The Reversible Commuter Bag, a bag I pretty much carry everywhere now. Fully lined, with numerous pockets for cell phones, and all your goodies, a cross-the-body strap, and of course, reversible. Included is the instructions for different pin options as well. Versatile enough for a diaper bag too!

Fritzi Bear, a sweet little guy that looks completely different depending on your choice of fabrics. Perfect for beginners, or anyone looking for a little fun in their sewing repertoire!
Big-Eyed Owlette Set is another trio of patterns. A party hat, a place mat that has instructions to turn it into a pillow, and a cutie pie owlette holding a bunting. The whole alphabet is included, so the bunting can say whatever you would like, pictured is "happy birthday"! It's a "hoot" to make! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

So there they are, and I am now blogging, Facebooking, Pintresting, my pattern joy now. Website soon? No doubt. A few product photos, a little more information, a shopping cart addition...

Cannot wait.

Enjoy your day! :0)


  1. I LOVE my mouse I got from you!! She happily sits above my painting table inspiring me with her funky polka dot legs!! Congrats on getting your patterns, any stores in Spokane going to be carrying them?????

    1. Thank you! We haven't visited the shops yet, but Hattie's was excited about it when I talked to them some months ago, I've been a little quiet because we didn't know when they would arrive. Now that we have them in our hands we can start promoting! Thanks so much for your support! :0)

  2. I am very excited to make these patterns. Can't wait to get all of them.

  3. WHAT?!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!! Yes, I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. YOU ROCK!!!! So excited for you.


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