Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Surprise in This Day...

I received a call this morning from a friend. Her mother was trying to foster an abused dog, and it just wasn't working out. It was too timid of her other dog, who outweighs this one by a whopping 110 pounds! He is a smallish Shitzu, brown, named Cocoa. He is missing an eye due to being hit upside his little head with a 2x4. So sad. So of course I said "Bring him over".

It has been awhile since I had my two little poodles. I had them each 17 years, and not a day goes by that I don't think about them, and miss them. So I needed a doggie bed. Fast. He would be here in an hour.

Enter two large pieces of Chenille, and strips of chocolate dot cotton (sewn together to create one long strip) for the sides. (With the name Cocoa, the chocolate dot seemed appropriate. :) Add one heart applique one of the chenille pieces, sew the strip between the layers, stuff full of polyfil, and VOILA'! One cute doggie bed.

He must love it, as indicated by his being super comfy on the couch. *sigh* He is very scared right now, but seems to enjoy the loving pets from the family members.

It's funny, my husband and I have been visiting shelters for a few weeks, not really in the market for another pet at all, just seeing what is out there I guess. (Weird? Probably.) I told him that I would wait for the right one to come along. That the dog should need us. Well this one definitely needs us.

Welcome Cocoa. :)

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