Monday, November 12, 2012

Be Jolly! (Freebie embroidery pattern!)

Woo Hoo! For those who write HTML, you can stop reading now. This was a big deal for me. Probably a MUCH bigger deal than it needed to be, but hey, we (my hubby and I) did it!
Coming up with a sweet little pattern was easy. Posting it as a permanent link, well, let's just reiterate how not computer savvy I am.
Couple things, before I instruct you to go right over to the right side of your screen and click on the "Be Jolly" image. 1) My hubby takes full credit for uploading the information, upside down. Not a big deal, especially when you are going to print it out anyway. (Some of you are thinking, "But Stefanie isn't your semi-OCD kicking in? The answer is of course, YES. I will change it, just not today. ;0) 2) The pattern is for the embroidered image, what you do after that is your choice. What I wanted to do was use a cute little wooden hoop, with some beautiful ribbon. Sans that, I decided on gluing my piece to heavy crardstock, and adding loads of colorful buttons. (Aleen's craft glue was my friend in this endeavor) You can make little stuffed sachet ornaments or pins, the point is to make it your own and have fun with it. You will notice that there is a string of holly and "Be Merry Be Bright". Feel free to use those too, just remember that in transferring images, the letters need to be in reverse. (Meaning trace the back of the page, not the front. A light box or window is helpful there. :0)
It is snowy and beautiful here, and I have my hot pumpkin spice tea and Christmas music playing. I definitely encourage the same!
Enjoy your day!

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