Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spaced Out!

Spaced out, me? No. Well not today anyway. I just received my quilt back from my friend who machine quilts, and was so excited I wanted to share it even though it's not quite finished yet. I am making it for P, who is only one, and still in a crib so I figure I have about a year to work on those finishing touches! (binding, and stitching aroung the many rocketship applique) It is a design from my head, a crazy take on a more traditional strip quilt. I had the great idea to square it up at the very end, a colossal mistake that I graciously passed on to my machine quilter friend. I was nice and warned her first. She was nice and didn't make me feel like a bad quilter. I have since learned quite a lot about squaring up quilts, and won't be repeating this mistake lest my friend reject my next one. :0)

P loves it. He knows it is somehow just for him, which makes working on it with him around a trifle difficult. Well, working on anything with him around is difficult, but he loves this quilt, so I am happy. In addition to the quilt, I have made a small wall quilt with a robot, and a robot softie. I fully plan on turning the last two out into patterns for the general population. I would do the quilt, but where to begin to be a teacher, when I feel ever the perpetual student when it comes to larger quilts. Someday perhaps. So here are a couple pictures as a warm up.
A picture of all of together, clearly his new bedroom has a theme! Robot, by the way, is well loved. He is starting to show signs of wear, which warms a mom's heart to know that she can create something as well received as Robot. :0)


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