Thursday, January 6, 2011

Someone tell me again why we did this??

Wow. I never thought living within a construction zone would be this bad, but really? Are you kidding me? I have now made the decision to never, ever, build a house. IF we move, EVER, it will be into a nice, pre-built, possibly new, home. Maybe on a lake, with birds chirping, and coffee made for me every day. Music will softly be playing in the background, and oh, wait. For now I'm living in a construction zone. I'll just share a few pictures, so that those who have been there may comiserate with me to make me feel better. :0)
This is the hallway to our bedrooms. We have tried covering doors in plastic, laying towels in the doorways to catch dust on shoes... and nope. Nothing works. I have stepped in big puddles of drywall mud and tracked it into our bedroom.

This is our soon to be bathroom. I really can't complain about this one so much, as we didn't have a bathroom here before.

This is our former family room, soon to be master suite. We walk through here to get to the patio, and the dogs used to sleep in here. I say "used to" because the contractors do not know how to clean up, or put anything away, so lest our animals chew up their tools, they will not be sleeping in there.

I know the end result will be fabulous, and just so this post isn't a complete downer, I will now post pictures of something totally fabulous.

My wonderful husband created (with a bit of help from a new friend) our new bowling lane table. It is a section from the old Lilac Lanes, the back section, where the two types of wood are joined, and the discs for the pins are. The discs are now inlaid walnut, and it is trimmed out in walnut as well. Our friend Derek even made us a cribbage board to match!

The base matches the trim in the house, I think the hubby did that accidentally. Don't tell him I think that. :0)
This is the link to Derek's site, he does amazing work, if you get the chance, check him out!

Well, I'm off to work, and to possibly list more things in my Etsy shop.
Enjoy the day!

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