Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everyone where they should be...

After long consideration, waiting, procrastinating and other things, everyone is where they should be. I had hoped that would sound dramatic, but after over a year and a half, well, let's just say I'm happy the remodeling phase of my life is over. I say that because it is my absolute wish and desire that I never remodel anything again. Except maybe the kitchen. My son is (FINALLY) out of our bedroom! Our teenager is in her new big teenager room, and we are in our new digs as well.

I will start sewing on my new quilt for our bed soon, even choosing the paint to coordinate with one of the focal fabrics. (Anna Maria Horner if anyone wished to know that, blues and greens) Our bedroom has wonderful natural light, and (soon) french doors leading out onto our brick patio. *sigh* I love it.

One more bit of painting, and I'm full time focusing on what really matters. Sewing. In between sidewalk chalk sessions with P anyway... :0)

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