Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Workshop with Anna Maria!

I was pretty excited about this last weekend. No doubt about it, she is my favorite designer. (sorry Joel and Amy) I have been stashing, okay, hoarding, fabrics from her last three lines to make a special quilt. That opportunity came this weekend! (To be honest, a queen size quilt is a huge time commitment for me. So if it wasn't for this workshop, yep you guessed it, I would have continued to hoard, and upon my death my frustrated children would be screaming "WHY ALL THIS FABRIC???") But I digress. I helped with the planning, and executing the food, snacks, and decor of my friend's shop, but was most excited to take the Prism Quilt workshop. This is a picture of the pillow sham that Anna Maria created. She wanted people to be able to leave with a completed (mostly) project. You could, however, jump right on in to the quilt. You could be like me, also, and completely overwhelm yourself with a queen size version of that sweet number.
*Gorgeous* (The sham, not this next picture. She's gorgeous in the next picture, but I look a little goofy.)

Seriously. She works so hard AND has six kids? She is ridiculously good-looking. And charming. I don't know how she does it. But I can tell you after hearing her lecture, she is honest, down to Earth, and everything you imagine her to be.

I was speechless. Really. I have never ever been star struck. I have always prided myself on my professionalism, my ability to speak to others, and be a good listener. But no. I couldn't even put together a coherent sentence. Nice. I was lucky enough to go to my favorite restaurant with the gals from the shop, a couple husbands, (my wonderful Hubby included) and yes, Anna. I think I relaxed a bit, (and that wine was delicious) and left feeling so inspired. I wish my daughter could have met her, really the world needs more strong women like her to inspire our younger generation.

I can't wait to work on my quilt some more. But this week is full of details and a couple meetings. A lot of wonderful things are on my horizon!

Enjoy your day!

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