Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a Great Sunshiney Day!

So happy to have some sunshine today! Yesterday and the day before were very snowy, so much in fact that I had a completely different opening post, as I started it then. It went something like this...

We woke to a winter wonderland today, silent and still. The traffic quiet, the ground covered, and the sounds of the world muffled by the new blanket of snow.

Sounds so beautiful. It was, for oh, say the five minutes it took to come up with that and have a few swallows of coffee. Then I had to wake my late for school middle child, "un" bury the truck to drive the oldest to school, and console the youngest when he realized we were not in fact going to grandma's, but coming back home. *sigh*

Having said all that, however, I had a great day yesterday! I met with my graphic designer about the pattern covers and contents, and wow. We were so on the same page, she threw out great ideas, and really seemed to understand my aspirations for my patterns, my demographic, and all that feel good type of stuff. I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, but I am so excited I seriously cannot sleep at night. Hoping for an April website launch date, which may be a bit ambitious, but we'll see! I worked on my new embroidery pattern, and I love it. Hopefully you do too, here's a little sneak peek...
I'm working it up in fabulous jewel tones today, and got to meet with part of my sewing group today. The hostess with the mostess made a wonderful chicken noodle soup and hot french bread, yum! We chatted and sewed, and I made a little discovery not too far from her house. Ben Franklin. Yes, the store loaded to the gills with... stuff. I can't really explain the quantity of products in this store, but it doesn't matter. This one has fabric. Not like my favorite, The Top Stitch, but it actually has Riley Blake, Moda, Studio e, and more! I was a little surprised to find those little gems in this big store of, well, stuff. So I bought one fabulous piece. (I do try to support local when I can, so I restricted myself. :0) Speaking of fabulous little stores, I found a sweet little stitchery store. If you are into cross stitch, or embroidery, visit Haberdashery. Or if online, they have their own sweet cross stitch designs to check out! So, check them out! But while you are online checking them out, please visit my favorite local shop and see why I love it so much.

 I'm done shamelessly plugging a couple of my favorites now, so here's a little looksy at the colors of my upcoming poppy embroidery design. I discovered bamboo floss, and a wonderful selection of linen. Can't wait to start this!

By the way, that hot pink isn't a part of the motif, but I really couldn't pass it up, soo pretty!

On a MUCH different note, I have a big soiree coming up on Sunday with my girlfriends. Look for a tutorial and lots of pictures of yummy mini treats! Taking photos as we speak, actually... (Good grief Pinterest is killing me with dynamic ideas.)

Enjoy your day!

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