Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bakery Boxes of Goodness

Yes, it is a sweet little bakery box, and yes it will contain yummy things. Just not of the baked good variety. Sorry if the title misled you to get excited about that. ;0)

I am working on a new pattern, (This one being different than the others in that it will be packaged in said box and be in kit form, thereby providing you with the items needed for the tasks.) one that encompasses both embroidery and felt, and embraces my bakery roots.

This isn't actually how the pattern looks, by the way, just a little looksy at the "Cake Dudes" as I have been fondly calling them. These are the icons on the back of my patterns, that indicate skill level. (This pattern...totally cupcake!) I will be adding some additional doodles, and tucking into that box: Some colors of felt, and embroidery floss, (colors yet to be determined, but probably similar to what is pictured there) pattern pieces and instructions, wrapped up in baker's twine with a sticker. Sweet? I think so!

Fresh from Sweet by Stefanie G. :0)

1 comment:

  1. I want one!! Loved your cakes so much, so must have one of your cake doodles!! lol


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