Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Going Buggy

...From staring at computer screens too much. Working diligently on getting the website up, and while I am at it, totally questioning myself on why I did not just pay someone to do all this for me. *sigh*

Live and learn, right? I am having dreams about this little laptop of mine crashing as well. Last night's dream was me panicking about all the pictures on here that I would lose. Forget about all the business stuff, worry about the pictures?? Well yes, I do love my pictures! I usually have the computer plugged in, and realized the other day that when unplugged, it will not hold a charge. For more than 10 minutes. Yes, it may be time to start getting my pictures off here, and transferring them. (and yes, my businessy stuff too!) I could get a new battery probably, but probably a new laptop would be cheaper!

While you go off and think about why I just bored you to death with my semi-coherent ramblings, I am going to go grab a cup of coffee and get back to it! Thanks for reading/listening, promise a better post next time, LOL! (My daughter, by the way, banned me from using LOL in texts to her. So I now just say it out loud. To her. A lot. That's what kind of a mom I am. It's my civic duty really, to prepare my daughter for all the annoying things life has to offer.)

Like boring blog posts. LOL.

Enjoy your day!!

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