Monday, September 24, 2012

Shingles Suck.

Not sure what else I can add to that title, because that says it all. I've never had Shingles before, and although I pray not to, I most assuredly will get them again. Yay. I have been laying low, reading a lot, (Harry Potter, the first three books, and Night Circus. WOW on Night Circus, you should read it, really it is quite wonderful.) watching all last season of "Once Upon a Time", and Pinteresting. But that was last week, and the week before. It wasn't all doomy gloomy, though...

Tucked in there as well, however, was a wonderful little get-away with just me and my husband for our anniversary. We went to a hot springs in Montana. We had a quaint little cabin, where the furniture was made out of big pine logs, and the quilt was woodsy colors with leaves and trees. The pub had great drinks and brews, and my hubby beat me at pool. I knew he would, but at least he stretched it out so I didn't feel beaten so badly. The restaurant had incredible food. Who knew from such a small place, but I guess since it's in the middle of no-man's land, this is where the locals would come for a nice meal. The air was cool and crisp, the leaves turning colors, and we enjoyed a big hike in the mountains, and walks along the river. The hot springs felt positively divine. By the way, this was pre-shingles outbreak, so no one was injured or otherwise maimed in this trip. ;0) I came home with some souvenir stones from the river, all polished smooth, and a romantic gift from my husband that made me teary. I am a lucky girl.

Also we stocked up on some liquor because it was cheap in Montana.

I am completing work on the website, and collecting more fabric that I swear I will use. Really. I am sending out some patterns to a couple shops, and there is one interested in doing a trunk show. Exciting for me as I feel I'm not fully up and running yet, but raring to go!

Enjoy a wonderful, shingles-free, not doomy gloomy day!

Pssst... I am!

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