Friday, December 10, 2010


I braved the crowds at the mall today, with my father, as we do every year. We spend the day shopping (for my mother usually) and enjoying lunch, watching the people, and really, what better place to do that than the mall. We typically each spend quite a lot of money, as most do, every year. This year was a bit different, however. You see, our family adopted a new tradition. We have decided that Christmas needed to get back to what it's really all about. For us that means that we still shop for the children of the family, (because let's face it, shopping for kids is fun!!) and the adults would enjoy eachother's company, have a great dinner, and maybe watch "A Christmas Story". (or "Christmas Vacation", that's a good one too) We still drew names, and will present our person with a gift, but it will be a charitable one. For the person who drew my name, I requested that they take a name off of the "Tree of Sharing", and please that it be an elderly person who wishes for groceries or gloves and hats. For others the gift may be different, so they might purchase a gift for someone where the proceeds go to another charity. Some year I will purchase a gift where the proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund. So you see, we still get the joy of giving, and receiving, and others less fortunate than ourselves have a brighter holiday.

My father and I each had ornaments with filled wishes to return to the tree. On Christmas day I will share with my family what we have done in our family member's names.  I implore others to the same. Giving up a present is so easy when it means someone more deserving than I can open something special (or much needed) on Christmas day.

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  1. That sounds so wonderful. I choose a family that I know won't be able to give a lot to their kids and I become the Christmas Pixie (sounds more fun than Fairy). I take toys, puzzles for the kids and bake breads and pies for the family. No one ever finds out it was me and Brian always wonders where the food goes.


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