Monday, December 13, 2010

A first birthday cake for Phoenix!

I would love to say that this cake took a short amount of time, and that I took pictures of every step along the way, but alas, I did not. I did however, take a few pictures, and enjoy the whole process with my friend and former bakery partner, Belle. I had no distinct vision, all I knew was that Phoenix needed a robot cake. (I'm SURE he'll remember it always.) (Mostly because it is on video.  :) Here are a few pictures...

This is the body of the robot, prior to painting it with an edible silver. I thought the paint drips looked like mercury.

Wrapping the supports with red fondant so the head looks like it's on springs...

Belle working on the back of the robot, when done this appeared like you saw the inner working gears of the robot...

I worked on the head of the robot, I wanted him animated, as if to say "Hey Phoenix, happy 1st birthday!!"

Additional cupcakes, (Extra large, of course! Who doesn't love cake?) Dreamsicle Orange, and Dark Chocolate, mmmmm. Just because I'm picky like this, the chocolate ones were on another table as they looked completely different and therefore needed to be somewhere else. Perhaps maybe I was trying to keep them for myself, perhaps not. ;0)

Ta Daaaaaa!! Cake Bot, here to wish Phoenix a Happy Birthday, and spread coconut cream cake joy!!

Mmmmmm, cake! This is definately where Phoenix takes after his mom. (People, that would be the love of the cake, not how it was eaten.) He dove into it, and discovered how sweet life is!

I do miss the baking, the friendships, and the faces of people who love what we made for them. But when I look at this picture, I know that I wouldn't get that time back with my family. This time is priceless!!
Also priceless is the knowledge of stain removal. I'll be calling my mother to inquire about removing ground in chocolate from an assortment of clothing and furniture items. ;0)

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