Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas!

Whew! Another holiday on the record books! Another holiday season spent bustling around trying to get everything accomplished that I wanted, (I never do, I always keep adding to the list) all the shopping done, gifts made, etc... This year was particularily stresssful, and I don't really know why. It could be the additional baby boy's birthday is just before Christmas, the day after his sister's. It could be all the sewing I have done for presents this year, (pictures to come later) okay, probably not that, I DO enjoy my sewing. Maybe it's the remodel, and the fact that the house is never really clean, always a bit dusty, laundry always in need of washing.

Maybe I'm just getting older and need to put limits on myself. Nah! Can't be that. ;0) What I do know is that I did have an epiphany the other night. There was quite a lot of snow falling throughout the day, into the evening. I was trying to finish those last errands before the holiday. It was very slippery driving around, and my children were being good sports of it all. (Santa's watching after all) We have four-wheel drive, and it was still treacherous out, yet nothing was going to prevent me from getting these things done. As we went from store to store, the roads got worse and worse. We literally slid into our parking spot at the grocery store. We completed our shopping, and one of my daughters split the bag on the way to the truck. I was NOT happy. Here it is just before Christmas, the kids have been troopers through it all, and I get upset over a split bag. As the tears fill her eyes, they also fill mine. On the way home it is dark, and the snow in the streetlights is falling ever so gently. In front of my headlights however, the snowflakes are falling madly, crazily to the pavement to get crushed by me. I realized that I was one of those snowflakes, rushing, falling, blowing, crashing to the ground. At what point was I going to stop and be appreciative of what this season has to offer?

Maybe next year I will be a snowflake that falls ever so gently into the season. It's something for me to work on this coming year. Be deliberate in my actions, appreciate the moments as they happen, breathe. My family spoiled me again this year with thoughful presents, and I am truly blessed.

I hope everyone had a magical holiday, a very Merry Christmas. Today is my official wear pajamas all day, watch movies and gorge on leftover candy. (I do love my candy.) I'll also be reflecting on the joys of this last year, while enjoying peppermint bark. :0)


  1. Stephanie,

    I am so glad I found your blog! My mom ordered cupcakes from you 2 years ago for my baby shower... they were so good, people still ask us where we got them from!! Anyways I am back in WA for my daughters 2nd birthday and was so bummed to hear that you no longer have your store! I was wondering if you know of anyone in the Spokane area that you would recommend for cakes or cupcakes? thanks so much!!


  2. Hi Chelsey! I would recommend two places, Diane at Happy Cake Co., and Suzie at Sweet Dreams. I am always a little sad to disappoint my customers by closing, but am so happy when they find me! I'm still a bit new to the blogging, but if you check back in periodically I'll be sharing recipes, and tips and techniques on how you can make great things from home!


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