Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling a bit buried, not just in snow!

Wow, I can't believe it's been this long since I have blogged! I apologize, and hope to keep up a bit better in the future. We have been in the midst of a *tiny* remodel in our home the last couple of months. A bedroom that was on the main level of our home is now incorporated into the living room, courtesy of a major wall removal. Slightly messy, and I don't believe my hubby likes trying to blend drywall with lathe and plaster, but he got it done. The results are amazing! Our living and dining area is spacious, and the increase in natural light has me deliriously happy. Provided that deliriously is even a word. In addition to having more living area in general, I also now have a designated SEWING AREA!! My fabrics are arranged by weight and color, and for hoarders such as myself, it brought much joy. Everything neatly fit into my lovely mission style armoire, and my table looks more like a desk, but opens up into a big square, perfect for cutting. It is also counter height, which I love, since I have an odd habit of standing while I sew. Happiness.

With the joy of having my own area, comes the pain (in the neck, for hubby anyway) of creating a new bedroom for the daughter who was so unceremoniously kicked out of her previous one. She loves her new room, so now we have three bedrooms, and one bath. We have three children. One teenager, one preteen, and an infant almost toddler. (he'll actually be one in two more days!) If you're doing the math, I'll answer your next series of questions. Yes, we are shy one bedroom, and frankly sharing a bathroom with either of the girls is a challenge, so yes, we are shy a bathroom as well. Yes, one of the children shares a room with someone else. I'm not complaining at all here, but if you haven't guessed, my husband and I haven't had a full night's sleep in a year. The baby has got to go. In his own bedroom, that is! So, we about to embark on another not so tiny remodel. This time we are hiring some top-notch professionals to get the job done in a semi speedy manner.

Which brings me full circle as to why I haven't been blogging lately. (I am really getting the hang of writing I'd say) We have been shuffling furniture and *stuff* around the house. I now have more items in storage than I do in my home. Heck, by the time I see them again they will all be brand-new! I do miss my pictures and scrapbooks, and other items that I'm sure I miss even though I have long forgotten about them.

I will be posting pictures soon of our efforts, and I'll be sewing a lot for Christmas, soooooo.... a better blogger I shall be!!

Enjoy the day,

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  1. it will be awesome when you are done :*) last nite was fun~!


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