Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beautiful day!

Today my hubby and I celebrate our anniversary, even though it's actually tomorrow. Yes, our anniversary is on 9/11, so while we will be reflecting on that tragic day, we will also be celebrating us. You might think it a coincidence, but it is not. My husband is a firefighter, and was deeply affected by the tragedy that occurred that day. It rested deep in his memory banks. Fast forward a few years, and we are at a bakery convention in Las Vegas. We had been dating only a few months.  He proposed over a beautiful room service breakfast, with long stemmed red roses, (by the way, exclaiming "Wow, this really is a great room, you get roses with breakfast!' encourages much eye rolling from your significant other) and what can I say, when you know, you know. (and having been married before, I used to scoff at those "who knew", yeah right...) But I did. I said yes, and he said, "We are here a couple more days, let's make this happen!" He suggested September 11. It became really important to him to commemorate a tragic day with a happy one.

We got married on September 11, four years ago. Him in a designer shirt and jeans, me in a hot pink lounge singer number. (FYI: It is surprisingly difficult to find a nice wedding dress on the strip, in the wedding capital of the world.)  We had many laughs that day, from the minister with the fake french accent, to our cab leaving the chapel and us having to ride THE BUS back to our hotel. (another surprising fact: You can call a cab from off or down the strip, but chances of it getting there are slim to none. They will always take the first fare, and they will always be flagged down by someone else before they ever get to you.) We enjoyed a fabulous wedding dinner at Prime, in the Bellagio, and celebrated further with the always invigorating Blue Man Group. (We able to take a cab this time. ;0)

It's not necessarily true that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Turns out when you get married there, you come back with a husband. I couldn't be happier.

Oh, how was the bakery convention you ask? I don't know. I don't remember.  :0)

I will remember, however, the many lives lost on that September 11, and be ever thankful for what I have on this one.

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