Thursday, September 22, 2011


Inspiration can come in many forms, and today I was blessed with several. Dropping my little one off at Grandma's today I received lots of kisses, "bye bye(s)", (sorry, couldn't even tell you proper grammar for writing that one) and "got goo!" which is him saying I love you. Sooo sweet! Then stopped by my favorite fabric shop seeking inspiration, and that does it every time. Just the smell and fabric sets my world right. My friend there offered to do me bodily harm if I didn't get some work done on those patterns, so that too,  is inspiring! On my way home I got behind a jeep, top off, with a big sticker on the spare tire: "LIFE... LIVE IT". I thought about that for a while, and decided to paint that on my wall. Inspiring.

I am totally and completely loving the cooler weather right now as well! Fall is my favorite. The colors, and the pumpkin pie. The trips to the orchards for fresh picked apples and the corn maze, and it all leads up to my favorite holiday of all time, Halloween! I would love to say that I make my kids' costumes every year. Yeah, just can't back that up. But we love going to pick them out at the Halloween store, that counts, right? :0)

Well I'm off to work. I'll post a sneak peak at the Hobo Commuter Bag, and since I lost all my links on my blog I better do that too. Oh and research printers, (yes, almost ready to print!) and packaging. I need to figure out how to post a freebie pattern here as well. I'm having an inspiring day, hope you do too!

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