Friday, September 30, 2011

A Busy Friday

I can't wait to share the furniture I am working on, in preparation of my new little "studio".  After moving my sewing into a tiny cramped space to keep it all from the toddler, I am moving it back into my semi spacious room.  My hubby and I have an affection for reclaiming furniture, or making it from old materials. So in addition to our bowling lane table, we will now add big heavy pained glass door sewing table.  The paint is drying as I write this, but I am so thrilled I just had to write about it.  To go under it will be a funky chair that we sprayed orange and recovered in neat-o Amy Butler fabric.  I will share pictures after my retreat this weekend.

I so love my hubby for his can do attitude, especially when I give him a project like "make these two doors into a desk please", and his love of lengthy bike rides.  I decidely do not like that can do attitude however, when it translates into me going with him on said bike rides.  I can hardly walk, and have taken enough Aleve that I could probably (Crude alert!) pee out a brand new bottle.  I can't wait for my little out of town excursion.  Have a wonderful weekend, and someone please pass me my wine.  :0)

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