Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rainy Days...

The house is picked up, kids are at school, (or Grandma's) and it's doomy-gloomy outside.  The perfect day for hot coffee, candles, and sewing.  I am working on four different patterns simultaneously, and while that sounds very much "why on earth wouldn't you finish one first", this is just how I work. Plus I believe that when I debut the website, the Twitter, the Facebook page, I should have at least four patterns lined up. I like to give people choices. While four isn't as good as say, 13, it is better than one.

I have a retreat lined up for this weekend, at my sister's cabin on the lake.  I'll be working on craft-showy stuff as we are participating in a small boutique style show.  I hope to have some patterns ready to go by then, and maybe some custom fabric as well. (I so admit that last one may be a long shot) What I will most certainly have though, is lots of prototypes.  Bags, robot and bear plushies, purses, and ornaments.  It takes me approximately no fewer than five of something to make absolutely sure I get it right in the pattern.  Soooo looking forward to it!  (The cabin, the time spent with great gals, and good wine. Lots of good wine. ;0)

So happy day to all of you, and happy doomy-gloomy day to me as well!

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