Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy day!

I have a lot on my "to do" list today. Not to be confused with the"honey do" list I frequently threaten my husband with. I haven't actually ever had to give him one. In fact, when he sets out to accomplish something, it usually gets done. I like to procrastinate just a little, under the guise of "doing all my research, covering all bases, blah blah blah". When I do jump in, however, it's all the way. Today I need to talk to my daughter's school, (clearly not the highlight) get my passport paperwork, (ticket to Paris, check!) and take pictures of all my items for Etsy. It looks as if the sun will shine today, so I have zero excuses not to. Especially given that the weather has been so unpredictable lately, I need to take advantage of the shining sun while I can! So I'm off to start the day's errands, hopefully to post some promising pictures of my items later.

Enjoy the day,

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