Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good times at a craft show

Carrie and I had a great time at our craft show, even though we didn't exactly light the world on fire with sales. There were three shows in the area, and more to see in town.  I reached my modest sales goal, and other goals in general, (including starting this blog :) so I am happy. Any stock I have left over will be placed in my Etsy shop, with the exception of one. This one I keep. It is an old window from our 1925 craftsman home, featuring an appliqued bird on a dogwood branch. This window in particular was next to our fireplace, and if I am seated at the dining room table I can just make out our beautiful dogwood tree. most days a safe haven for a plethra of sparrows. The windows were replaced a couple years ago, but after spending weeks restoring all of the trim in the home, I just couldn't part with the original windows. So this window has a story. Now how do I part with the others, when I am such a sentimental fool? :0)

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