Monday, November 8, 2010

"Sophisticated Junky"

My friend and I were at our craft show on Saturday, enjoying our lunch, having a great conversation about my new skirt. (Which I made from the "Sew Serendipity" book, and what can I say, I. Love. This. Book. :) By the way, should I enjoy too many more of those lunches, I won't actually fit into it. We sent her husband to a local fast food restaraunt, with our order. A single bacon burger turned into a double, and a small deep-fried mushroom turned into, well, they were exploding the bag they came in. Soo yummy, but the problem is, I ate it. All. We just had water to drink though because we're trying to be healthy. ;0) Anyway... back to having great coversation. We were quite possibly very sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated, a state I have been functioning poorly in for about the last eleven months. She was complementing me on my look. She said my style was "Sophisticated Junky", but almost before "junky" came out, she was in recovery mode, "I meant funky! I really meant funky!!" At this point I am laughing, honest to goodness belly laughing at us. So that's my new look, I proud to say. (I guess I need to share a picture of myself now, for those who are dying to see what my new look is. :0) 

We enjoyed a lot of laughs that day, and shared so many great ideas. Like the one about our mutual love of corn dogs. People don't like to admit it, but really, what's not to love about a hot dog wrapped in crispy cornbread, conveniently placed on a stick for your eating pleasure! We have decided it would be fun to host a fancy dinner and serve them up with a nice Pinot. Feel free to steal that idea.


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